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UNV “Youth Adda” Explores Strategies to Reduce Inequalities


New Delhi, 8 July 2017: United Nations Volunteers India, in close partnership with NGOs PRAVAHRestless Development and Commutiny, hosted a Youth Adda in New Delhi.

UNV Youth Addas are a series of events and activities where youth meet, learn and discuss the challenges of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Over 130 youth gathered at UN House to discuss and share their ideas about SDG 10 “Reduce Inequalities”.

A highlight session of this Adda was devoted to the issue of inclusion of persons with disabilities. Guest speaker Fateh Whig, representing persons with disabilities, led the group into mapping their interactions with people with disabilities. Adda participants raised many issues about gender, economic and physical inequalities and expressed their keen observations and opinions on overcoming these inequalities. One example raised was how choosing to use a skin whitener may be related to inequalities. Participants also analysed how access to resources impacted personal actions and social interactions.

Underlining universal UN values of equality, democracy and fraternity, participants at theUNV Youth Adda voted to take action on creating a better world that would lead to a future with less glaring inequalities.