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The United Nations India Business Forum is a unique opportunity for the country’s key economic players to come together in accelerating progress towards the sustainable development in India.

India is now one of the world’s fastest growing economies, young Indians are coming up with innovative solutions, and 193 countries at the United Nations are harnessing their collective strength to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Prime Minister Modi had said in his address to the UN, ‘the sustainable development of one-sixth of humanity will be of great consequence to the world.’

This is a collaborative forum to identify and work on scalable solutions for sustainable development, that are also business opportunities for the private sector.

Our aim is to build a tangible long-term partnership of ideas and solutions, between Indian businesses, the United Nations, and the government, in a way that can mobilise our collective strength to bring millions out of poverty.

Read more about the launch here.



From Funding to Financing: Is there an evolution in the way of doing business post the SDGs?

Businesses have realised that their long-term growth and sustenance in the market is closely linked to the achievement of the SDGs. Read op-ed by Dalmia Cement’s Group CEO, Mahendra Singhi.

Group on Affordable Housing convene its first meeting

The Government has also allocated USD 7.5 billion to develop 100 Smart Cities by 2020. In this light, the UNIBF Group on Affordable Housing convened its first meeting after the Mumbai launch, on 8 May 2017 in Mumbai.

Group on Affordable Access to Energy meet 

On 15 June 2017, the group on Affordable Access to Energy met for the first time since the launch of the forum to discuss areas of collaboration within the sustainable energy sector.


Tata Trusts takes digital route for philanthropy to improve 100 mn lives

26 June 2017, Business Standard
Tata Trusts, the philanthropic entity started by Tata group founders, is turning to the power of technology and innovation to carry out its charitable work looking to impact 100 million lives by 2021.

HDFC disburses Rs 400 crore under govt’s ‘game-changer’ housing subsidy scheme

23 April 2017, Business Standard
HDFC, which is optimistic that the government’s interest subsidy scheme will boost affordable housing, has already disbursed about Rs 400 crore under the plan and sees a huge growth potential going ahead.

Tata Trusts, Brick Eagle Foundation partner for housing project in Karjat

15 April 2017, Deccan Chronicle
Tata Trusts and Brick Eagle Foundation have partnered to design a pilot affordable housing project at Karjat, on the outskirts of Mumbai. Tata Trusts has offered a grant to Brick Eagle Foundation for extensive research on customer needs, industry best practices and scalable and sustainable construction technologies.

Shell opens new state of the art technology centre in Bangalore

31 March 2017, Shell
Shell opened a new major technology hub in Bangalore – a 52 acre, custom built technology centre – that can house up to 1,500 experts, who would collaboratively work on worldwide innovative energy projects.

UN India Business Forum launched to bring business solutions to the SDGs

22 March 2017, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
On 22 March 2017 a group of leaders of Indian businesses met with the Government of India and United Nations agencies operating in India for the launch of the UN India Business Forum.



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